The I’m Back Post…

So there was plans to keep this updated though out the summer. Well sometimes things happen that can interrupt plans. In this case it was medical interruptions. 

Over the course of the summer I was diagnosed as diabetic. There was also some abnormal liver functions going on which may just be from a fatty liver as what is being thought for now. 

Basic course of action for now us to eat healthier (no soda or sugary drink, cutting out lots of carbs, white flour and potatoes),  watching portion size, and exercising more. 

Since I started keeping track of my weight about 5 weeks ago I’ve lost 11 lbs. Started at 235 and looking to get to 175 and go from there. 

So future updates will now also feature good healthy recipes I find along with progress I make. I plan to get back into my game I’m creating as well as a cook book. 
Till next time folks (hopefully updates start pumping out every 2-3 days).

The post about imitating HelloFresh…

So a couple  weeks ago while watching tv I hear my wife call out “hey this looks good!” This was a familiar phrase spoken between us if we were scrolling through Facebook and saw a good looking recipe. 

This video I was seeing caught my eyes as well. Granted any  Italian food typically does.  This video was actually an advertisement for HelloFresh, a home meal delivery service. 

This video portrayed would could be best described as a tortellini casserole. I decided to give this recipe a try within a few days but with a few changes.  I decided to use a more friendly stackable pasta in ravioli. The semi-tough part here was trying to work without the recipe though the dish was simple enough. 

The following is my interpretation of this recipe with some estimates on ingredient amounts. 


48 cheese ravioli

8oz sliced white button mushroom 

24 slices pepperoni

8 oz shredded mozzarella cheese

12-16 oz marinara  sauce depending on taste

Salt-pepper-oregano to taste
First step is to boil your ravioli. At this point I had a few things running through mind. Mostly looking a few steps ahead of this recipe. Did not pay attention to how many raviolis were cooked. It’s ok though, I had a few left over.  

The next step is to pour some marinara over the bottom of a 9″ X 13″ pan. 

The marinara used here is homemade by myself which typically includes a mixture of veggies in it besides tomato as you can see here. 

Next, layer 24 pieces of ravioli:

Layer of sauce:

Here is where the variation in sauce comes in. Add as much or little depending on your taste and desired level of heartburn. 

Now the original recipe called for a layer of mushroom. I’m kind of picky about my mushrooms and was not sure how well it would cook down so I opted to do half pepperoni. 

Next add a layer of mozzarella: 

Now repeat for another layer of each:

Once it’s all put together sprinkle some salt, black pepper, and oregano on top. I threw a mushroom slice and pepperoni slice on top to know which side was which and double as a garnish. I placed in a preheated 350 degree oven for 25 minutes covered with aluminum foil. Then removed foil and cooked 10 more minutes to brown the cheese on top. And voilà 

There you go. Yes this tastes as good as it looks. 

The Post About the Taco Burger…

So my first summer time burger night with creativity lead me to the:

sandwich board-TACO


This burger was a great burger to start out with. All around a big hit and all around easy to make.

Start with your ground beef or ground turkey would work well here (sadly pics were not taken through the course of this kitchen project this time so use your imagination). In the bowl you’re going to add taco seasoning, this will be to taste and may take some experimenting.  I recommend starting with a tablespoon per pound of meat. if there is a strong taco aroma to the meat that is satisfying then you’re done. if you feel you need more add a pinch or 2 at a time.  Now you can buy one of the pre-packaged mixes or go authentic and make your own  by clicking here.

Once the burgers are about done cooking slap (yes slap, trust me it adds flavor) some slicers of cheddar cheese on them.  To finish of the burger add a leaf of lettuce, a tomato and onion slice, some sour cream, and a few olive slices and tada:



Overall I’m rating the Let’s give them something to taco bout burger an 8/10. I think I can make it better somehow just gotta work that out.


The post about a Live-ly performance…

Attending Retro Game -con over the past couple years has created some wonderful memories. One thing I myself can relate to as well as many gamers can is that music helps set the tone of the game and the right tune can make a game very memorable. Super Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and so on have created such powerful instant recognizable tunes for many.

So low and behold when I come across a facebook add one day for this thing called Video Games Live well my inner nerd was intrigued. Classic franchises like the ones above plus Castlevania, Halo, Kingdom Hearts and more.

If you’re fan of video games, this is a show to see. It’s not just a dj playing some music.  The great Syracuse Symphoria orchestrate with the guidance of this man:


Tommy Tallarico. He’s a man who knows what he’s doing, he’s rocking a guitar, and providing commentary between songs and funny “viral” type videos as well.

To get an inside look here are a few pictures.


Whether you are a fan of video game music or symphony music this was something many could enjoy, I know when this show comes back around on tour I’ll be back and will urge many to go.

Later this year I’ll be attending a similar show but this one is called Symphony of the Goddess. This is based on all Legend of Zelda music and having missed it the first time around, this will be something I anticipate all summer long (doesn’t hurt Legend of Zelda is my favorite franchise).


Are you a fan of video game music? What franchise has your favorite music?

The Post about Summer Projects…..

So this summer I’m planning on being s fun summer. Working 3rd shift last summer made for a majorly uneventful summer. I have a few projects I’m working on currently. 

Firstly as I’ve mentioned before is my card game that will be similar to magic the gathering. Titled project elements for now. This will be a long project and hope to have a prototype by summers end.  Maybe a finished version by spring. 

Also my friend Kevin and I will be filming a YouTube video series based on helping our target audience of young 20 somethings and teens to learn cooking can be easy and explain the process of what we are doing so they build confidence in their cooking and not to rely on fast food. 

A good series I will be working on myself is my wacky burger compilation. Based on the hot of my bobs burger I will make and keep track of my own punny burgers with a weekly burger night. 

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures. 

The Post With The Bob’s Burger Experiment….

If you’ve never seen the show ‘Bob’s Burgers’ about a family where the main character is man who opened up a burger restaurant. And in case you didn’t see where this was going, the main character…..his name is Bob.

Hello, my name is Bob
The show has been on many seasons and one of the funny little gags of the show is the burger of the day. Always a pun and for anyone who knows me knows I love a good pun.

Imagine my joy to hear that a Bob’s Burgers cookbook was in production. I never did buy that cookbook for one reason or another but recently a friend from work let me borrow her copy.  So thumbing though I found one I had to try the next day.




The I’ve created a Muenster Burger!!!

So that is the basic layout. Below I’ll take you through the process i went through in making these with visuals and comentary.


Hey who doesn’t love homemade french fries. Very easy to make. Wash potatoes, peel if desired, soak in water, pat dry as seen below.


…burger meat marinating with the good flavor of garlic, sea salt, cracked black pepper, spicey brown mustard, ad whooshis…..that funny sounding sauce…yea that one. Mushrooms sliced and shoe string style cut fries soaking.


Looking good…


shrooms cooking, pan getting hot for burgers.


Be forewarned, mushrooms will cook down quite a bit. When you go to saute them when you think you’ve cut enough, cut a few more. The recipe in the book did not call for chopped garlic but to put my own twist i threw a bunch in the pan. Garlic and mushrooms just go together in the pan.



Burgers are done. Steps say to layer 2 slices of muenster cheese, mushrooms then 2 more slices of cheese on each burger. I prefer not to be all blocked up so I used only 2 slices per burger.





The finished product.  Tasted great. The light sharpness of the muenster paired well with the mushrooms and Garlic. Side note, the fries were cooked in an air fryer so the color will be different than a traditional deep fryer.

What really got me thinking was would it be hard to come up with a delicious burger with a catchy pun-based name?

Oh Baby Baby- burger with baby swiss and baby spinach

The New Yorker – burger made from NY strip with NY aged cheddar and carmelized onions

The BDSM (Burger Deluxe with Siracha Mayo…what were you thinking?)


Ok maybe the name of the last one needs some working on but maybe It’s a project for the summer….I mean if a cartoon burger man can do it why couldn’t I?


So I spent a good week almost two trying to decide on the name for this blog. I knew the general direction/topics but didn’t know the name.  Part of me wanted to go with a Star Wars or Legend of Zelda theme but couldn’t quite get it right. 

Finally it hit me as I was walking my 4 legged fury child. A journey through life’s destination. It’s simple, slightly encouraging, and refers to what will partake here. 

I plan to write about my adventures through life as I travel around, try new food and restaurants, and just whatever happens in life. I’ll write about comedy, movies, anything I can review. 

I’ll be using the blog to update on my other adventures in board game making and a YouTube video cooking series. More to follow on those. 

For now enjoy my blog on;